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Stand Alone DVR  
Standalone DVRs have normally been a second choice to PC-Based DVRs due to their limited processing capbilities, however have always been very popular because of their simplicity for installation and setup. With advances in technology implemented in our new 7000-Series Standalone DVRs, they have now become a better choice for home and business security camera installations than ever before.

These new, advanced H.264 standalone DVR recorders provide the best quality video recording in REAL-TIME of any Standalone DVR we have tested, while also providing great quality remote viewing from a PC, laptop, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android PDA phone, BlackBerry PDA, Windows Mobile PDA phone or even Symbian cell phone. With these remote viewing apps, you can stream live video from your new 7000 Series Standalone DVR right to the palm of your hand in real-time. These applications even allow you to playback video from your PC, and control PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras from your cell phone or laptop. Even die-hard PC-DVR fans are now taking a fresh look at Standalone DVRs with our new DVR-7004, DVR-7008 and DVR-7016.
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