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Smart Card Reader  
Smart card reader is one of the most sophisticated products of biometric technology. Used in different types of ID systems, a biometric smart card can control false authorization and access to sensitive security places. A more advanced variation of these biometric cards is available in the form of contactless smart card, which doesn't require the user to get his card swiped for identification or verification purposes. All these biometric products are bringing in full-proof security, struggled by every individual.
Features of Smart Card
  • Biometric smart card is a small pocket-size product with huge capabilities.
  • Biometric template is stored on these smart cards in the form of a computer chip.
  • These cards make use of PIN and biometric template to allow access to an authorized user.
  • Radio Frequency technology is used by a contactless smart card, which enables it to interact with a smart card reader, even without touching it.
  • Tamper resistant capabilities of these cards ensure that unauthorized users are not able to misuse them.
  • Fast and accurate identification and verification processes are most remarkable features of these cards.
Applications of Smart Card
  • Health benefit cards are used in many medical institutes to ensure safety and privacy to patient and employee information.
  • Biometric smart card has found application in the form of government identification card to allow the access of authorized users in government offices.
  • Banking industry and the field of credit cards and ATM cards has also been facilitated by smart card reader and similar devices.
  • Computer security and safe web browsing also finds these cards as appropriate security installers.
  • Fuel cards, public transport cards, pre-paid utility cards and phone payment cards are being constantly upgraded with contactless smart card and card readers.
Advantages of Smart Card
  • Fingerprint validation employed by these cards is the technology, which can't be easily misused.
  • Access control and identification of users are the outputs, easily achieved with the help of these cards.
  • Due to less hardware requirements, these devices offer low-cost security at various types of organizations.
  • These cards are more secure than magnetic cards, as biometric technology doesn't allow the criminals to tamper these cards.
  • Flexibility and upgradeability are other useful aspects of these cards.
Smart card technology has evolved in all these years and has shown positive signs of remaining unrivalled for many years to come. Thus, we have some good reasons to relax about our identity protection.
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