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QA Process  
TECHNOLOGY YOURS indeed has a QA department. Our process is more or less:
  • Project guide creates a area office or branch  from the shaft for a innovative project
  • Developers working on that project check their regulations and codes into that branch
  • Developers write test plans for the code they wrote
  • When the project is "over and done with its completion", the test plans and the branch/revision is sent to QA
  • QA tests the branch
  • They run the given test plans
  • They run related test plans
  • They run 'smoke tests'
  • They send bugs back to the Project Lead
  • Developers fix the bugs and send back to QA, rinse, repeat
  • The branch is merged back into trunk
  • Trunk goes to QA and bugs are sent back to the developers (of the many projects that are in at that point)
  • Developers fix the bugs and send back to QA, rinse, repeat
  • A "Beta" gets released (either viewer like the Focus Beta or full grid)
  • Residents and QA send bugs to developers who fix the bugs, rinse repeat
  • New version gets released to the main grid
This is a little essential, and a little bit idealized. Irregularly and infrequently emergency bug fixes short circuit some of the steps above (such as Public Beta). There can be more merging and branching of code involved depending on the time-span of the project and what is happening in the trunk.

In a nutshell, we have a very complex system involving lots of hardware and lots of different software that all must work together, not to talk about all the parts of each process internally. These systems are also being used in numerous, many different ways by countless people; sometimes we just don't realize things are being done a certain way in world until we 'break' it.
Round the Clock Services
Here at Technology Yours we are commited, expert & apread around the world to provide round the clock support and service.
Secure & Faster Deliveries
Our Software delivery system is very secure. You have control over each and every process from demand to delivery.
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