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Hand Scanner  
Hand scanner works by creating and storing the templates of hand geometry in a biometric device, which are later used for identification and verification processes. Used mainly as employee attendance clocks, these devices have completely changed the scene of business organizations. Due to its association with biometric technology, a hand reader is capable of providing accurate results.
Features of Hand Scanner
  • A hand scanner takes into account more than 90 different hand measurements, including thickness of palm and its surface area.
  • Based upon hand recognition, these devices are capable of preparing different templates on the basis of distinct geometrical shapes.
  • Hand swipe feature doesn’t allow the user to directly contact the hand reader, thereby maintaining its integrity.
  • Huge capacity to store templates captured from thousands of users.
  • Facilitates easy mounting on the wall or over the desktop.
  • Tampering protection switches are installed in these devices to ensure against misuse.
  • Backups and restore features are also integrated with these devices.
Applications of Hand Scanner
Hand recognition devices are used in offices to keep an eye on employees and maintain all necessary records associated with them. For instance:
  • Employee attendance is facilitated by a hand reader to evaluate the presence of employee in the office.
  • Entry and exit to and from office is maintained by these devices.
  • The devices can also be used for access control to various sensitive areas in an office.
  • Keeping track of leaves, lateness, overtime and extended lunch breaks is made easy by a hand scanner.
  • Time regulation reports can be generated with the help of data accumulated by these biometric devices.
Advantages of Hand Scanner
  • Dirty or greasy hands don’t hamper the quality of templates recorded by a hand reader.
  • Buddy punching, the problem faced by most of the organizations, is solved by these biometric devices.
  • Employee card systems are completely eliminated, thereby saving the cost of maintaining employee records and removing the possibility of frauds.
  • Cost for manual preparation of reports like worked hours, lateness, leaves etc is also reduced by hand recognition devices.
  • These devices are fast, accurate and can be easily integrated in the existing environment.
Purchase a hand scanner available with warranty and customer support system from the company. You can experience easy and efficient employee management with these devices installed in your offices.
Features of Voice Recognition
  • Modern cell phones are installed with voice recognition components, to control the access of unfamiliar callers.
  • ATM cards are also making use of this technology to ensure that authorized users use their cards to withdraw money from ATM terminals.
  • Door locks are designed with voice recognition technology to ensure that strangers are not allowed to pose threat to the security of your house and family.
  • Automobile locks and garage locks are also designed with this technology to ensure safety to cars.
  • Computer access is restricted to authorized users with the help pf devices based on this technology.
Advantages of Voice Recognition
  • Voice recognition system offers automatic door locking, in case the door is left unlocked by mistake.
  • The components are easily installed in existing devices like cell phones, ATM cards and computers, thus there is no need to arrange for special hardware.
  • Low-cost technology and fast identification process are some other benefits of this technology.
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