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Fingerprint Keyboard  
Fingerprint reader keyboard allows you to protect your most sensitive computer passwords and other data by asking for a biometric-based authentication. If you are not the authorized user, you won't be allowed to access a computer or laptop. The working of a fingerprint reader keyboard is similar to any other biometric device designed to offer biometric security. Being appreciated by personal computer owners as well as big organizations, the products are fast becoming a common name for advanced security and access control.
Features of Fingerprint Reader Keyboard or Biometric Keyboard
  • Main features of a fingerprint reader keyboard are similar to a normal keyboard. Thus, you can find all standard keys, multimedia keys and other features.
  • Installation of hardware as well as driver installation process is similar to that of a standard keyboard and thus, you don't have to make any special arrangements.
  • Special sensor is integrated with a fingerprint reader keyboard to allow the user to record his or her finger samples.
  • Algorithms available in these biometric devices create finger templates using metrics of the finger sample provided by the user.
  • Templates are preserved for future identification and verification requirements. I user is allowed to login to password-protected websites, only after passing the verification test on every computer login.
Applications of Fingerprint Reader Keyboard
Biometric keyboards are being installed in various organizations, where access to every computer is required to be authorized by security measures. Thus, banks, airports, government offices, defence organizations and similar places install these devices to maintain a secure environment. Also, business organizations use these devices to protect their business related data and information from unauthorized employees and moles. As a personal computer owner, you can also consider reader keyboard as a great security device.
Advantages of Biometric Fingerprint Reader Keyboard
  • No requirement for installing special hardware components as sensors integrated with standard keyboards complete the picture for a fingerprint reader keyboard.
  • Accurate and accelerated authentication is other great advantage offered by a biometric reader keyboard.
  • User friendly interface and future upgradeability can also be thought of the alluring advantages biometric keyboards can offer.
  • Can be easily installed and doesn't put pressure on your pockets.
Fingerprint reader keyboard is the positive sign that biometric technology is entering every sphere of our life. It is indeed a remarkably significant advancement in security measures required at homes as well as different types of organizations. So, space is getting extended to include all these biometric devices for all good reasons.
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