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Biometric Signatures  
Biometric signatures are based upon recording various characteristics of one's signing style to carry out the process of identification in the future. Amount of pressure employed, angle of writing, formation of letters and other traits, which are categorized as behavioral biometrics, form the basis of biometric signature recognition technology. Dedicated algorithms are employed by biometric devices to create templates using these recorded characteristics and thus, we have an advanced and full-proof security control system.
Features of Biometric Signatures
  • Rather than recording exact copy of one's signature, the style of writing is used by biometric signature recognition.
  • Signature tablets are used by an enrolee to register his or her signature with the biometric system.
  • Huge capacity for enrolling a number of users, who are required to access sensitive areas of an organization using dynamic signature verification.
  • Web-based applications are also available in this direction for remote signature identification.
Applications of Biometric Signatures
  • Biometric signatures are used in banking and finance industry in order to restrict duplicate signature frauds.
  • Dynamic signature verification technology is used, where paperless procedures are involved. For instance, in case of online insurance buying.
  • Patient records and medical prescriptions are also protected using biometric signature recognition.
  • Various government offices and defence organizations make use of this technology to prevent the unauthorized access to sensitive data as well as for user identification.
  • Computers at homes as well as organizations are protected against illegitimate access using biometric signature recognition.
  • In most recent application field, this technology is also installed in cell phones to prevent unauthorized access, even if the device is lost or stolen.
Advantages of Biometric Signatures
  • No forgery of biometric signatures is possible, as it involves distinct writing styles of different individuals.
  • Encryption and decryption algorithms are used to create the templates for different user signatures and these algorithms are difficult to break by intruders.
  • Data inside pocket PCs and cell phones can be protected with the help of dynamic signature verification.
  • Easy to employ and low-cost technology, with limited requirements of special hardware.
  • Eliminates the headache of remembering PIN and passwords to access different systems.
  • Signature based identification is a process already familiar to each and every person and thus, biometric signature recognition is easy to understand.
Dynamic signature verification is the technology, designed to effectively cater the contemporary security needs. Association with this technology can bring relaxation in your life.
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