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Biometric Mouse  
Biometric mouse was an unimaginable device few years back, but with the advent of biometrics in different walks of life, computer accessories like keyboard and mouse were also installed with biometric security. From fingerprint recognition to encryption of files and folders, security of your computer is commanded with such a mouse in your hand. Installing this device at your desktop adds a new layer of security, which is much-deserved by your computers.
Features of Biometric Mouse
  • Sensors are installed in the biometric mouse to sense the fingerprints of various users trying to access the computer.
  • Fingerprint templates are stored in the database for future use of identifying or verifying the user.
  • Apart from biometric identification, these devices are also capable of encrypting various files and folders stored in the computer.
  • Multiple users can access the computer using this device by storing distinct templates in the database. Products from different manufacturers have different database capacities, starting from 5 to more.
  • The device has its own memory and is compatible with different operating system versions and browsers.
Applications of Biometric Mouse
A biometric mouse is designed to provide security to computers and laptops, which contain sensitive data and information. One can install the device at home computer and at organizational level as well. Different business houses, banks and other organizations are also making use of these devices for biometric identification, so that only authorized users are allowed to access different computers. Unauthorized access is completely eliminated, as fingerprint recognition is a full-proof security procedure that completely outweighs passwords and other traditional methods.
Advantages of Biometric Mouse
  • Nobody on the Earth can access your computer in an unauthorized manner, when it is protected by these devices.
  • Password management becomes simpler than before as you don't have to worry about the misuse of your passwords and PIN.
  • Individual encryption space is provided by these devices to all the users using a common computer. So, if different members of the family are using single computer, each of them can utilize encryption procedures in an independent manner.
  • Fingerprint recognition is a cost saving security procedure, which is easy to employ and understand, even by the users with non-technical backgrounds.
Such devices have extended the reach of biometric identification to the root level and thus, we can appreciate the biometric security cover installed around us.
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