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Fingerprint Scanner  
Biometric fingerprint reader or scanner is certainly the most appreciable achievement of this technology, which is sprouting as a breakthrough in security provisions. Based upon storing and comparing the key points of one's fingers, these devices have proved their potential in areas like access control and employee attendance management. With advanced functionality and dedicated performance, a fingerprint scanner can be the best choice for your organizational security.
Features of Fingerprint Reader / Scanner
  • A fingerprint reader or scanner, based upon biometric technology, is endowed with an optical scanner to create the template database using finger samples of different users.
  • LED screen, audio controls and multi-language support are other dependable features of these devices.
  • Intelligent image capture technology to create samples even from dry or damp fingers.
  • Fake fingerprint detection technology is another useful feature of a biometric fingerprint reader.
  • Huge database space for storing many fingerprint samples.
  • Fast identification and verification process and response time.
Applications of Fingerprint Reader / Scanner
  • Small and big offices make use of a fingerprint biometric scanner to keep a record of employee attendance.
  • Government offices, where access control is required to avoid information leakage and other criminal activities, also employ fingerprint reader.
  • These devices are also used for accessing computers, especially when it becomes difficult to remember a number of passwords. Moreover, a biometric fingerprint reader can keep away unauthorized users from accessing your computers and laptops.
  • E-passports are relatively new applications of fingerprint scanners and readers. The fingerprints of passport holders are stored on the documents in the form of chips, which later on help in verifying the authorized passport holders.
  • Fingerprint reader door locks are also becoming popular to provide security to houses and garages.
Advantages of Fingerprint Reader / Scanner
  • The cost of installing a biometric scanner is very low as compared to other security tools.
  • Fast identification and verification processes are offered by these devices.
  • Security is not hampered, even if these devices are lost, as the templates stored in them are of no use for one who finds them.
  • Highly portable and easy to install devices.
  • No misuse or stealing of information is associated with these security devices.

All these great features and advantages of fingerprint reader or scanner play significant role in establishing the acceptance of these biometric products. As a result, new application areas of these devices are constantly being added to the list. It is good to feel safe with existence of these high-profile devices around us.
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