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Fingerprint Door Lock  
Fingerprint door lock or biometric lock is one of the most favourable security products, based upon fingerprint analysis procedure. Offering top-notch replacements to traditional locks and keys, these devices can secure your assets as well as people living in the house. With the ever-rising crime rate, you can rely upon fingerprint door lock to construct a security shield at your doorsteps. Different manufacturers are constantly upgrading the features of these safety devices, so that they can provide you with peace of mind.
Features of Fingerprint Door Lock
  • Biometric door locks feature powered deadbolt to avoid any type of undesirable access from outside.
  • These locks can be operated from outside as well as inside to offer better flexibility.
  • Modern fingerprint door lock is designed to fit different types of doors, manufactured from different materials.
  • More than 30 users fingerprint templates can be stored in majority of biometric locks installed on the doors.
  • LCD display and user-friendly interface are some of the other wonderful features of such a door lock.
  • Fingerprint sensor technology is a great feature, which facilitates keyless entry to add a new dimension to the security.
  • Auto lock features and voice guide system are other desirable aspects of these door locks.
Application of Fingerprint Door Lock
  • Fingerprint door locks are used for houses with working couples to provide security to older people and children.
  • These locks are also applicable as garage locks to protect car theft.
  • Dedicated biometric locks are also installed at offices and companies to restrict the access of employees to security areas.
  • Showrooms and jewellery stores also prefer to install a fingerprint door lockto ensure access control.
dvantages of Fingerprint Door Lock
  • Biometric door locksare easy to install and convenient to use.
  • These locks can be used faster than traditional locks and number combination locks.
  • Support for multiple languages is also offered by these locks to eliminate linguistic limitations.
  • The stress of remembering the numbers or maintaining the keys is completely eradicated with the help of these devices.
  • These locks are stylish and symbols of modern technology, which can bring appreciation for the user.
Fingerprint door lock is an excellent instance of modern technology, which is dedicated to build a secure environment around important places under your access. Available in different varieties, you can easily opt for these devices and make your mind stress-free about the security concerns.
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